XMB Wave

Blu Dance Wave
Calm Intens Red To Green
Dancing In the Dark V1
Dancing In the Dark V2
Ghost Wave
Ghost Wave v1 Blue & Yellow
Ghost Wave V3
Lonely Wave
Massive Int Wave Red & Blue
Red Smoke
Super Massive Glow
Super Massive Glow V2
Yellow Orange
Blood Wave
Soft Black & Gold Wave
Rainbow v1 Wave
Rainbow Fat Wave
Black & Orange Wave
Black & Blue Fat Wave
Black & Colored
Rainbow v2 Wave
Black & Colored v2
Rainbow v3 Wave
Rainbow v4 Wave
Rainbow Electric
Black & Colored v3
In The Darkness Wave
Blurred Wave
Black & Light Blue Wave
Black & Red To Pink Wave
Yellow to Orange Wave
In The Darkness v2
Black & Red To Pink Wave
In The Darkness v3
Yellow & Black Wave
Very Soft Wave
Pink To Purple Wave
Rastaman Wave
Soft Black & Light Red
Grey Psiche Wave
Blue Psiche Wave
Red Psiche Wave
Grey Wave
Original Wave
Big Blue Wave

Each wave has been packed into a .zip archive.
When downloaded, launch MultiMAN and go on his FileManager (mmOS).
Just double Click on the File (PS3~dev_blind~vsh~resource~qgl.zip)
and it will do the rest. Now reboot your Console :)