Other Games


Each Mod has been packed into a .zip archive
You just need to Download, then open up MultiMAN and go into his File Manager (mmOS)
Now navigate on the downloaded file (PS3~dev_usb000.zip) and double Click on it.
It will extract the folder that contains the mod on your USB. Copy the files into the game folder.
Remember that you need to be on a DEX Firmware
in order to run the DEX EBOOT and to load the SPRX Menus!

1.16 Ghosts - Sapphire SPRX v1.0
Combo --> R3
1.16 Ghosts - Ascendance SPRX
Combo --> R3
1.13 BO1 - Undercover SPRX
Combo --> L2
Online only
1.13 BO1 - Snow Engine SPRX
Combo --> Dpad UP
Online only
1.13 BO1 - Snow Engine Edit SPRX
Combo --> R3 + Dpad UP
Online only
1.13 BO1 - Zombie Red Devil Edited
Combo --> R2 + O
Online only
1.20 AW -  Defcon SPRX
Combo --> Dpad UP
1.20 AW - Zincou45 Non Host SPRX
Combo --> R3

1.11 The Last Of Us - Dev Menu
Dev Menu --> START + L3
BCES region only
Quick Menu --> SELECT + L3