Call of Duty Black Ops 3 - BLES02166 - DEX

1.07 - Skyfall Zombie v1.8 SPRX
1.07 - Spectre Engine SPRX
Combo --> R3
Combo --> R3
1.07 - Jericho Non Host v1.0.4 SPRX
Combo --> Dpad UP + R3
Black Ops III Original Files v1.07

Each Mod has been packed into a .zip archive
You just need to Download, then open up MultiMAN and go into his File Manager (mmOS)
Now navigate on the downloaded file (PS3~dev_hdd0) and Double Click on it.
Everything will be extracted automatically :)
Your Mods are ready! Remember that you need to be on a DEX Firmware
in order to run the DEX EBOOT and to load the SPRX Menus!

1.07 - Retro Engine Non Host SPRX
Combo --> Dpad Left